Return Meetings

"Return meetings" are held the last or second last Thursday or each month (see schedule below) and are open to those who have completed one or more of the Imago workshops listed below:

  • Getting the Love You Want or 
  • Keeping the Love You Find
At the meetings we will:
  • Introduce a process not covered in the workshops, i.e.:
    • Grieving
    • Forgivenes
  • Review a process covered in one of the workshops, i.e.:
    • Transformation
    • Dialog
    • Minimizing/maximizing
  • Introduce another related exercise, i.e.:
    • Core Scenes
    • Family Vision
  • Answer questions and share experiences

The return meetings are a good opportunity to:

  • Refresh your focus on relationships
  • Deepen your awareness of growth in relationship processes and
  • Further enhance your understanding of relationship dynamics
Workshop Dates:
  • Please call or contact us to receive information about upcoming dates and locations. 
Time: 7:00 to 10:00 PM (coffee and snacks will be available)

Cost: $50.00 per person


    Please register before the meeting by calling:

  • Dr. Angeline Fitch or
  • Ms. Mavis Naylor 
  • Phone Number: (403) 289 - 9755