Keeping the Love You Find

Workshop Dates:

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  • Saturday (all day)
  • Sunday (all day)

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  • Dr. Angeline Fitch or
  • Ms. Mavis Naylor 
  • Phone Number: (403) 289 - 9755


Keeping The Love You Find (KTLYF ) workshops were originally described as being for singles, but they are for everyone. They deal with our character that we take into any interaction and will influence the relationship and our experience of it. This includes what will stand out for each of us in any situation, how we interpret it, what we are sensitive to, and how will react in interactions. 

Dr. Hendrix proposes that we take our part with us into each relationship and that part will constitute 80-90% of what we will find problematic in the relationship. This leaves little chance that we will have a better relationship with a new partner. 

We believe it is possible to engage in individual growth that will change what we take into a partnership. However, this is not typical individual therapy. It is the part of us that we ‘don’t know we don’t know.’ It is the aspects of our potential that a partner may see and initially admire, but possibly later criticize. 

KTLYF workshops or therapy is an exciting journey into our own potential. It also enables each person to change the type of relationships he/she gets into and the ways he/she has available to react in relationships. It is our gateway to reclaim functioning and energy that we had blocked off.