Getting the Love You Want

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  • Friday 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM 
  • Saturday (all day)
  • Sunday (all day)

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  • Ms. Mavis Naylor 
  • Phone Number: (403) 289 - 9755


We often get into a pattern of repeated interactions in our relationships. We react to a situation in the best way to deal with it (from our perspective!) This is often the partner’s worst nightmare and the partner’s response may be the worst possibility for us! 

Getting the Love You Want (GTLYW) examines this typical dilemma and give alternative processes to avoid these ‘autopilot’ reactions. Couples learn to interpret their interaction differently and to connect in a deeper and more satisfying way that promotes the growth of each other. 

This is the same area that is explored in Imago Relationship Therapy or in the GTLYW workshops. In workshops, couples explore their own and partner’s patterns of interaction, how these were formed, purposes they served, and what might be more constructive forms of interaction.