This ‘flavor of the month’ diagnosis was early described in a 1901 medical journal as ‘moral deficiency.’ Many of those with ADHD symptoms still feel this is how they are seen. 

Dr. Russell Barkley, one of the foremost writers regarding ADHD points out that it is far from over-diagnosed. Research suggests that 10-14% of individuals have significant symptoms consistent with ADHD. 

Dr. Barkley also concludes ‘that ADHD in adults is a far more impairing disorder across multiple domains of major life activities than most other disorders’ likely to be seen in outpatient clinics (such as anxiety, etc.)

Dr. Ari Tuckman reports that continuous performance tests are the best psychological tests to distinguish between those with ADHD and non-ADHD individuals. The CPT we use (and trained for) is the Integrated Visual Auditory CPT. It has impressive predictive ability (8% false positive results, and 10% false negatives for adults) especially considering ADHD is not a true deficit, but an inconsistency disorder. 


U.S. guidelines lower age of ADHD diagnoses